Councils of light Facilitators

Linda Carter Backes

Linda is the entrepreneur of A Radiant Light for Body, Mind & Spirit in Charlotte, North Carolina and an Alchemical High Priestess in the Magdaline Mystery School founded by Nicole Christine. As a spiritual channel for Light and Sound energies, Linda  facilitates high resonate healing and re-balancing.

Linda is an ordained interfaith minister and a Reiki Master/Teacher in both Usui and Karuna traditions, She teaches Reiki classes for all levels, including advanced workshops for other Masters who desire setting up a business practice.

As an intuitive reader, Linda is the only one known at this time who utilizes the amazing Mystical Fochaadams. a unique system using symbols which integrate energy and perception and reveals past, present and future trends.  Linda's channeled paintings are imagery portals for personal transformation.

On 8/08/08 Linda became a channel of DNA Light Activations overlighted by AA Metatron.  As a co-facilitator of the Councils of Light along with Autumn Austin, Linda's role is that of spiritual channel and conveyor of Sound/Tone Vibration.

For additional information about Linda and her upcoming events visit:

Our commitment:

Through our willingness to experience personal transformation brought about by embodying the energies and teachings from The Councils of Light, we are committed to humanity's consciousness evolution in its search for Oneness, and to the creation of the New Celestial Earth.

           ~ Councils of Light Facilitators:  Linda, Autumn, and Jackie                                              

Autumn Austin

Autumn has a Master's degree in Counseling and has been a practicing psychotherapist since 2005. She specializes in trauma and abuse, which broadens her deep understanding of human dilemmas.

Ten years ago, Autumn began an exploration of Evolutionary Spirituality, which lead to her to a Mastery in Usui Reiki as well as becoming a Shamanic practitioner. She creates shamanic wands for healing and empowerment, which you can see on her website:

Autumn is a sound healer/channel using what spontaneously is downloaded for the healing of a client or group. She uses all of these tools in service to her mission, which is to assist humanity to evolve and to raise consciousness one person at a time. She is dedicated to assist all who seek her guidance to break down limiting beliefs and help them rediscover their sacred be-ingness.

As a facilitator for the Councils of Light, she brings the essence and the teachings of the Councils through direct transmission.

Jacqueline Ramey

     Jacqueline is an inspirational artist who has an art degree with a concentration in painting. Her artwork reflects the introspective inward journey, and her profound inspirations come through meditation. In addition to being a Councils of Light Facilitator, Jacqueline is a Usui Reiki Master with the intention of healing through the arts. She is also a shamanic practitioner through cross cultural studies of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition.
     Jacqueline’s artistic journey has led to painting sacred silk scarves as well as creating silk installations that participants walk through to experience the essence of divine energy. The energies of the Councils are palpable in her works! Her intuitive paintings and silk creations can be found at the upcoming website,
     Her journey with the Councils of Light began at a celebratory event on 11/11/11. Since that time, Jacqueline has been inspired to create art which she hopes will be inspirational to others on their path of awakening.