Light Scents ~ Essential oil sprays

The Councils offer us guidance for creating unique essential oil blends,

designed to hold the essence of each of The Councils of Light,

as well as special blends that amplify event energies.

In preparation, we infuse each bottle with the highest frequencies of Love & Ascension, as well as the vibration of that particular Council's energetics.

Although the scents are enticing, refreshing, and lovely,

these essential oil sprays are not intended to be used as fragrance or for aromatherapy. Rather, these amazing blends will assist you in reawakening the energetics of your Initiation(s) or in making a direct connection with  a particular Council for guidance, meditation, or communication. 

The effect, according to many users, is immediate and very clear,

so we encourage you to engage & enjoy them with focused intent.  

$28.00 spray: s&h included (International shipping additional.  Please email us for rates.)    

LightScent Sprays

LightScent #1 - The Council of the Ancients

  • The distinctive aroma of this blend is for awakening the willingness to
    clear and lift old patterns from your emotional, mental, and physical

LightScent #3 - The Multi-Dimensions Council

  • Connect with the blissful, loving energies of the Heart Chakra.

LightScent #4 - The Hathors & Venusians Council

  • A profoundly nurturing and loving blend from the Masters of Sound Frequencies. Perfect for toning and raising your vibration!

LightScent #5 - The Ascended Masters Council

  • This essence promotes your spiritual focus and devotion to your soul'sjourney.  Assists connection with the Ascended Masters duringyour meditation and/or devotion.

LightScent #6 - The Glories Council

  • Experience deep calm, expansiveness, and grace.                  Vibrate to the energy of JOY!

LightScent #7 - The Angelics Council

  • An immediate heart-to-heart connection with your Angel guides.                Just Heavenly!

LightScent #8 - The Council of Quantum Creation

  • This essence promotes re-aligning with original creation codes.                   Beneficial in manifesting / creating meditations, vision boards, etc.