The Councils of Light are a beautiful array of Ascended Beings who have worked closely with humanity throughout history, conveying their love through spiritual  teachings and sharing of energies in order to more fully anchor on earth the hope for harmony that we carry in our hearts.

Since the Harmonic Convergence, the Councils have assisted many with spiritual interests in becoming more adept and powerful co-creators of our reality.  

Now, as energies on earth shift in alignment with Ascension, they wish to offer us more profound guidance, a more harmonious and clarified emotional body, and direct energetic infusions to refine our subtle body frequencies.

Each Initiation offers you a lovely and deeply transforming experience, where your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies integrate the highest vibrations of that particular Council's energies. Their simple and direct teachings prove wise. As you integrate the Ascension vibrations unique to each of the 12
Councils, you are presented with an opportunity for greater potential, a powerful sense of wellbeing, and a clearer sense of your purpose. What you seek
and what you are able to co-create begin to align!

As a Council Initiate, you will become aware of that which seeks healing and balance in your life. You will carry more light, and enjoy more profound experiences of Oneness with All.  Love and alignment can bring balance to all beings on Earth, and our work with The Councils is carried out with this pristine intention.

The Councils of Light work in a unified field, yet each carries a unique frequency, offers specialized teachings, and transmits a distinct vibration and ascension encodement. Scroll down to explore each of the Councils experienced to date.


COUNCIL 1:  The Ancient Ones

Across eons of time and many dimensions, wisdom keepers hold knowledge of aligned earth energetics.  The Ancient Ones on The Councils of Light have actively worked with creation's elemental energies and deeply honored the blessings of natural cycles, because each carries sacred and powerful Earth wisdom.

In present day, we can gain further insight into the profound benefits of maintaining a deep relationship with nature, the magical processes of co-creation, and the complex dynamics of our own lives. At the same time, The Ancients remind us that earth's changes have created new teachings about this alignment, and caution us not to cling to ancient wisdom. They implore us to attune to the emerging wisdom within our hearts.

Recently, The Ancients clarified that the elementals function not only as the components of life, but as living allies to all life, beyond what was taught and held by ancient Mystery Schools or kept active in Earth keeper traditions throughout history. They have shown us that the Elements are alive Beings, so we now know that opening our capacities to engage
their powerful mysteries through the Galactic Council has the potential to elevate every single aspect of the Sacred here on Earth.

As Council members Initiated by The Ancient Ones, we must carry this wisdom with responsibility and care. And as we move through The Turning of the Ages, our love for our own beings must elevate, so that we can mirror that love and express it in our relationship with the Earth.  This teaching requires accountability, integrity, and a willingness to clear and lift old patterns from our emotional, mental and physical bodies. Engaging our
personal 'work' with dedication evolves our consciousness, creating tremendous
clarity, and raising our vibrational signature.  In turn and in kind, the Earth herself experiences this evolution, facilitating her Ascension in the coming age.

COUNCIL 2: The Radiant Heart Council

The Councils of Light are higher manifestations of ourselves serving humankind’s evolution of consciousness.  Their illumined truths and pristine frequencies elevate our vibrational patterns. At Initiations, we become living Council members.

The Radiant Heart Council, working on the Earth plane. The attunements and infusions offered through Initiations refine our essence, increase our capacity to hold and embody light, and evolve us toward conscious Oneness, so that we anchor greater harmony on Earth.

As emissaries of Light, we carry forward ascension concepts translating them into practice in our daily lives. A succession of Initiations offers us the ability to live with new vision and to use the power of ideal envisioning, and provides a greater structure to hold in place the
embodiment of those visions, without fear. 

While many on earth will hold tightly to the old paradigms and ancient, outdated thought forms, many others commit to holding the new matrix with light, increasing the support network each day.  Know if you are a way shower in this work, or if your light-bearing is carried out in another aspect of earth living.

COUNCIL 3:  Multi-dimensionality 

As facilitators for The Councils, we have experienced our own Initiations directly from each Council over the course of many years. We were recently shown the bridge into this field, and experienced its blissful, wordless expanse.  Very few beings presented themselves; instead we felt a strong sense of presence in a tremendous and shimmering energetic field replete with infinite matrixes.  At other times, this Council appears like a hologram,
revealing other paradigms of reality. Our hearts opened like never before, and we felt the enormity of potential Love. We look forward to discovering more about this enigmatic and exalted realm.

COUNCIL 4: The Hathors & Venusians

The Hathors are a team of loving energetic beings who work inter-dimensionally.  In earlier times, they aligned with the goddess Hathor in Ancient Egypt, and in Greece & Rome channeled their energetics through Aphrodite and Venus. Today they remain active with love for the Earth and her inhabitants, embodying & transmitting to Initiates powerful
aspects of the high-heart qualities: love, beauty, and joy!

Profoundly nurturing, the Hathors align with Venus' inter-dimensional realms to assist us with embodying Ascension energies on earth. Through subtle electrical pulsations, sound frequencies- especially through personal toning to bridge the crown and heart chakras, they impart their devotion to humanity, enhancing our life-force, igniting greater visionary potential, and increase our capacities for experiencing and expressing love in all its forms.

COUNCIL 5:  The Ascended Masters

The Ascended Masters Council is highly accessible to humankind.  Light beings and exalted teachers from many traditions, familiar and unfamiliar, reside here.  In some sense, this Council speaks to us most often and shows itself to us most freely when we simply sit quietly to commune with the Councils.  They present themselves with ease and without
delay to all Initiates into their energetics, carrying high regard and willingness to assist us.  

The Ascended Masters remind us of our focus, encourage us to remain hopeful, and provide us with the insights we may need to do so. They assist us with answers to our many questions, and their teachings are profound, whether simple or complex.  Visually clear and stunning, their beauty radiates with the essence of Heart light. 

COUNCIL 6: The Glories

This Council vibrates with shimmering essence. The Glories emanate and inspire sumptuous light and tone, and transmit profound sensations of Love & Grace.  So blissful is the energy of their various forms, designs, sounds, and energy fields that one feels immersed in ecstasy.  Their infusions slowly wash over you, bathing you in pure,
pure Joy.  

Spontaneity, expansion, calm, and highly enhanced vision characterize the experience. Our awareness of the merkaba's vital importance was reinforced in our work with The Glories, and our surrender to the healing powers of sound created exponential effects from their gifts.

COUNCIL 7: The Angelic & Archangelic Council

We are graced by the efforts of the angelic realms to bring us closer to the energies of their essence so that we, too, can be actively and directly engaged in the transformation of all life into the New Celestial Earth Paradigm. Together with the many Councils of Light they respond to the call for evolution and step forth to assist humanity’s desire to realize
this goal. They urge us now, at this time of the Turning of the Ages, to step up and embrace our birthright as Human Angels, those who will create, guard, and safe keep, as they have, the holiness of this place and all life.

The vibration of joy is synonymous with this realm. They come to us through the gate of our hearts and open their reality to us in love and beauty, taking us deeper and deeper into the core of who we are and the recognition that they indeed are our brothers and sisters in spirit, as we are their sisters and brothers in form.

Appearing in every historical religious text known to man, the presence of Angels, in many forms, and their influence upon us, continues to entice and surprise us.  Who are these benevolent Beings who walk between the worlds, intermediaries in the affairs of man and their gods?  They serve as guides, guardians, healers, protectors,and other
roles we haven’t yet named or recognized.

As we define them for our benefit, imbue them with human characteristics and personalities, and make them recognizable as alliesand companions, we often overlook the fact that they are in reality manifested energies of different frequencies and functions, not all exhibiting wings or possessing the forms we have assigned to them. As energetic radiations in the ladder of creation- from Source to mankind - they hold many functions
resonant with the vibrational signature of the dimensional plane of creation upon which they manifest simultaneously. Thus you have King Melchizedek, Archangel Melchizedek, Lord Melchizedek and Christ Melchizedek – one Melchizedek, many radiations of the One. Some winged, some formless – all Divine Emanations of SourceLight.

In beauty, love, joy, harmony, peace, we find our way to the angels. They come forth now to share with us this gift, that we may embody these qualities in grace and reverence as Earth and humanity transition into the higher expressions of who we are. If you want to play among the angels, open your heart, sing, dance, be merry. Music is the language of the angels. Theirs is a dimension of light filled with sizzling vibrancy and delicate attention to detail. Create, allow yourself to be inspired, dare to dream. Let your imagination take flight.
Unfurl your wings and dare to fly…….you will be amazed at where you land!

COUNCIL 8: The Quantum Co-creational Realm of Manifestation 

In the realm of this Council resides a field of information so complex that it is difficult to comprehend or put into words. Our experience of it has been more one of experience than understanding. We see tremendous diversity in the beings who work through this Council, and who seek to assist us with translating those experiences into knowledge.What we know is that the beautiful sacred geometries emanate from this realm, as do creational particles that form in response to (human/universal) thought.  We learned at our Initiation that the current understanding of concepts such as "thought creates form" is only the tip of the deep and utterly quantum nature of creational energetics.  The field is subtle
yet vibrant, and is full with Gratitude and Hope.

THE HIGH COUNCILS: Councils 9, 10, 11, 12

A deeply transformative Initiation with any of Councils 9-12 offers us a unique opportunity to experience and receive energies and information concealed since the time of Lemuria. In addition to creating profound clearing and restructuring of the participants' energetic fields ("the subtle bodies"), The Councils will present new, highly effective healing modalities for humankind. Preparing us for the refined energies making their way onto the planet, an Initiation into The High Councils always promises to be a life-changing event.

~ Receive attunements, teachings, and infusions to repattern our physical blueprints with   

       Council 9.

~ Upgrade your emotional bodies with Council 10

~ Discover previously unknown healing modalities with Council 11 

~ Experience an expansive shift in consciousness through

       your spiritual bodies with Council 12.

Here's what Sallie Worley, from northern Florida, had to say about her experience at a Councils' Initiation in Atlanta, October 18, 2014

"It was an incredible day, full of revelation, love and gratitude to the Councils for teaching us, and to the facilitators for making these teachings available. My life is enriched for having been here. I am blessed to receive the teachings."

                      I'm ready NOW

     to embrace these transformational    

      energies at the next Initiation!

~ Heart Codes Event: Jan 28 & 29, Charlotte, NC ~